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94pt Super Tuscan

Bibi Graetz and his wines have received a great deal of attention from Norwegian press due to his partial Norwegian ancestry, his mother Sunniva Graetz née Rasmussen married to the Swiss-Israeli sculptor Gidon Graetz. He began wine production in the late 90s after facing the decision to either allow old lease contracts of the old vineyards surrounding his home at the Castello de Vincigliata to expire, or to make use of them.

Graetz has been described as the”cool winemaker” and “one of the rising young stars in Tuscany. Nothing says this better than Graetz’ mid-range wine Soffocone di Vincigliata was banned from U.S. import due to regulations that permit no wine label to feature any type of sexual imagery. This did not come into effect until Graetz had made public the explanation that his Vincigliata vineyard is a favoured destination for local young lovers, and “soffocone” is a crude Firenze term for fellatio, at which point the figurative label depiction was seen in a new light. A revised label image was later permitted for U.S. import. LOL

We have continuously carried the wines from Bibi Graetz for years and the new 2015 vintage is simply outstanding and should not be missed.
This is the “bad boy” of Super Tuscan wines and we have the BEST price on line ANYWHERE!!!!


2015 Bibi Graetz * Soffocone di Vincigliata
94pts JS
Reg. price- $49.99btl
EMAIL DEAL- $44.99btl or
$235.00 per six pack ($39.16btl, THE lowest price online)

There’s a lovely texture to this, with plum, berry and light vanilla aromas and flavors. Full-bodied, with a dense, rich palate and a polished tannic mouthfeel. Goes on and on. Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino. Less than 2,000 cases are available of this super Tuscan gem!