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Today we are celebrating Christopher Columbus day. What better way to honor him is to offer Italian wines. And not just any wine but a tour of Italy in MAGNUMS.

Check our EMAIL DEALS and hurry, the quantities are limited! Columbus discovered America and you can now discover these great wines.


2012 COS * Maldafrica MAGNUMS
95pts JS
Reg. price- $70 per magnum (online price $80)
EMAIL DEAL- $50 per magnum (only 9 in stock)

Maldafrica is the single wine that left the longest lasting impression on me following my grand tasting of Sicilian wine in February 2015. The blend is 50-50 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and the wine ages in oak for 12 months. It’s hard to know where to start because there’s so much to say. First off, this is a wine that does not carry its beauty in an obvious manner. It’s a subtle, nuanced stunner that gracefully seduces your senses following its own determined schedule. In other words, it’s not love at first sight: It’s love after a steady and tireless courtship. Once it has proven what it’s worth, Maldafrica lavishes the senses with dark fruit, spice, chopped herb, saline notes, brimstone, leather and moist tobacco. The mouthfeel is incredibly long, lasting way over a minute and the acidity offers the perfect level of tartness to keep your senses refreshed.


2009 Roberto Voerzio * Barolo Sarmassa MAGNUMS
95pts WA
Reg. price- $299 per magnum (online price $350)
EMAIL DEAL- $199 per magnum (only 4 in stock)

The 2009 Barolo Sarmassa di Barolo (tasted in a magnum) shows delicate embroidery of shaved mineral, dried cherry fruit, ash, tar, licorice, ginger and light teriyaki. End notes of toasted hazelnut are reminiscent of the perfumes that waft over Alba’s Ferrero chocolate factory. Silky firmness and structure mean this wine will have no problem facing the years.


2010 Uccelliera * Costabate IGT OWC
95pts JS
Reg. price- $299 per magnum (online price $310)
EMAIL DEAL- $255 per magnum (only 2 in stock)

Only made in magnums, the 2010 Costabate is a wine whose mandate is to highlight oak more than fruit. Let me explain: Andrea Cortonesi sourced special French barrique made with trees over 300-years-old. The quality of the wood is extra compact and dense, and the wine reflects an evidently toasted and smoked character as a result. In fact, it is a little too much for the delicate Sangiovese grape and that is one of the reasons Uccelliera keeps this as an IGT wine. I agree with the choice because the wine is so radically different from the more delicate Brunellos made here. The two sets of wine appeal to two different palates. This vintage of Costabate delivers extra power and determination. Black fruit is followed by tar, Teriyaki and exotic spice. The wine aged for two years in barrique and two years in bottle.

2014 Tenuta dell’Ornellaia * Bolgheri Superiore Ornellaia OWC
96pts JS
Reg. price- $499 per magnum (online price $525)
EMAIL DEAL- $425 per magnum (only 2 in stock)

the 2014 Bolgheri Superiore Ornellaia reverts to a style and personality that we have not seen in a long while. The wine shows a tight, silky and determined approach that reminds us of the Ornellaias made under the estate’s previous ownership with the Marchese Lodovico Antinori in the mid-1990s. More than anything else, this has to do with the very unique characteristics of the 2014 growing season. The wine opens to a beautifully saturated and dark appearance. Thanks to the advanced age of the vines and their extensive root systems, fruit quality was well preserved despite the cool summer and late harvest. The wine shows sweet fruit nuances with blackberry and dark currant. Spice, leather and tobacco fill in the rear. The finish reveals just enough of that acidic prickle to assure an easy ten or fifteen year drinking window.