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Domaine Ramonet

I’m hoping this is just the beginning of a new relationship. Finding the wines of Domaine Ramonet is akin to finding Hens Teeth! So I am really happy to offer you some of the wines from this venerable Domaine at the best prices ANYWHERE!

The wines arrive Monday.
Quantities are ridiculously small.
Reserve yours today.


Pierre Ramonet, established himself as a winemaker in Chassagne-Montrachet in the late 1920s with little more than the shirt on his back and the desire to make wine. He began the process of scraping together vineyard plots and assembling an estate in what is arguably France’s most famous white wine appellation. Under Pierre Ramonet’s son, Andre, the Domaine achieved near legendary status and it’s not atypical to hear words like “genius”, “mythic” and “pinnacle” thrown around in conversations about his winemaking abilities. Now his sons Noël and Jean-Claude continue to run the estate in the tradition of their father and grandfather. The average age of the vines, especially in the Grand Cru vineyards are about 60 years. There are areas, however that are planted with younger vines, but in a strict regimen, fruit from vines under 18 years old is excluded from the Domain’s cuvees. Yields are kept extremely low, and the wines are vinified using traditional techniques.

Praise from Clive Coates for the producer:
“”Père” Ramonet was more than a character. He was, to use the old cliché–but it is true in this instance–a legend in his own lifetime. More or less from scratch, by dint of sheer hard work and a genius for wine, he built up one of the finest white wine domaines in Burgundy. Today the name of Ramonet is synonymous with top Chardonnay. The allocations for bottles are fought over, for every collector considers it his or her right to own some. They sell at auction for astronomical sums whenever they appear. On the rare occasions, as in January 1995 at the Montrachet restaurant in New York, when someone puts on a special vertical tasting and dinner, the tickets – and they are not cheap – are over-subscribed ten times. Ramonet in white is the equivalent of Henri Jayer or the DRC in red.”


*2014 Bourgogne Aligote Domaine Ramonet
$37.50btl/$405.00 per case

Aligoté is the second most planted grape variety in Burgundy, behind Chardonnay. This pure expression of the grape is pale white in color and high in acidity, with crisp, fresh notes of apple and lemon.


*2014 Bourgogne Blanc Domaine Ramonet
$39.50btl/$426.60 pert case

The Bourgogne Chardonnay is a wonderful introduction to Domaine Ramonet wines, displaying structured minerality and approachable citrus and floral aromas.


*2014 Chassagne Montrachet La Morgeot Domaine Ramonet
$99.99btl/$1079.89 per case

Domaine Ramonet’s Morgeot wine comes from three neighboring vineyard parcels located near the Abbey of Morgeot, dating back to 864 A.D. It shows a heavier style of Chassagne-Montrachet, which refines over time but displays great freshness now. The Morgeot soil is composed of heavy red clay and limestone, which produces wines of robust and rich character.


*2014 Chassagne Montrachet Rouge Domaine Ramonet
$53.25btl/$575.10 per case

(Burg Hound 89) Initially there is a touch of reduction but it doesn’t take long to blow off and reveal notes of pepper, ultra-fresh red berry fruit and soft earth nuances. The vibrant and wonderfully delicious middle weight flavors are almost gulpable yet there is good depth on the balanced and lingering finish. This is not super dense but it is really very pretty and though it should be able to reward a few years of bottle age, it is so inviting now that it’s hard to resist.” 10/16