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Etienne Sauzet

West Palm Wines has a long relationship with Domaine Sauzet, and I have been drinking and coveting the wines since the 1980’s! I just received 7 cases of 2015 Bourgogne Blanc from this venerable producer. With the prices of his Premier and Grand Cru ranging from $150 to $1000.00 per bottle, this represents an incredible value and great introduction to the Domaine. These won’t last long. If you are a white Burgundy lover respond now.



Producer note: Gérard Boudot described the 2015 vintage as “one that, for once, there was largely nothing to worry about. The growing season was for the most part hot and dry and this tends to eliminate a lot of possible problems. The vegetative cycle started early and remarkably we had a May flowering that passed well. The closer we moved toward the harvest I was increasingly worried about the possible loss of acidity and thus I chose to begin picking on the 29th of August. It was still quite hot as the heat wouldn’t break until the 2nd or so of September and thus it was necessary to pick early in the morning and fast, which was possible since the fruit was spotlessly clean. I also accelerated the picking process by hiring more harvesters, which was expensive but worth it. Yields were just about average at around 40 hl/ha with potential alcohols that were really pretty uniform as the varied only between 13 and 13.3% except for the Montrachet which came in at 13.6%. Acidities were actually better than I thought they might be and the post-malo pH averaged right at 3.2, which is pretty good for such a warm vintage. As to the wines, I find them very interesting because even though they are clearly ripe and rich, they are not at all heavy or ponderous. While vintage comparisons are never exact, if you combined aspects of 1985 and 1989 you might get a hybrid 2015 or perhaps like 1999 but with better acidity. No matter the comparison, in my view the 2015s are going to age very well, in fact I think that they’re going to surprise a lot of people when all is said and done.” As he did last year, Boudot again noted that as of 2013 he is using corks with a diameter of 25 mm (24 is normal) from cork bark that has a minimum of 12 years of age.


*2015 Bourgogne Blanc Sauzet
$28.99btl/$347.88 per case
(Jim Sirna 93)

Just opened another bottle upon arrival a few minutes ago. Hey, it’s after noon! This wine has lovely freshness with citrus & caramel notes in the aroma. Aged in 4 year old barrels, this wine is clean and focused rather than unctuous and round. But that is a Sauzet trademark. No one element dominates. There is a stony, mineral quality to this middle weight wine that makes it go down quite easily……even at this time of day. The finish continues with the classy, refined nature of this wine. An excellent example in this category.