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Highly Rated Prosecco for a Pittance- MUST BUY!!!

Prosecco is becoming the most popular sparkling wine in the world, and the Prosecco region in Italy is having a hard time keeping up with demand. Also, it doesn’t seem we will be getting much of a winter season so now is the perfect time to enjoy the VERY Florida friendly wine; Prosecco.

Bisol Winery was founded in 1858 by a distiller named Eliseo Bisol, and it’s one of the oldest in the village of Valdobbiadene, just north of Venice. This place has vineyards on infamously steep hills, so if you’re looking to harvest some grapes in Valdobbiadene you’re gonna have a bad time, lol. But, lucky for you, you don’t have to climb the hills of Italy to enjoy this VERY affordable sparkling wine, just respond to this email and reserve yours today!

Wines will arrive later this week.


NV Bisol * Prosecco Brut Rose Jeio
89pts JS
$13.50btl or $145.80cs

The NV Prosecco Brut Rose Jeio is made from equal parts Merlot and Pinot Noir. It is a fairly restrained wine with excellent balance and a refined mousse. I am not generally a fan of rose Prosecco, a category that has been created to exploit the growing popularity of both roses and sparkling wines, yet everything here works beautifully, and this is one if the very few examples that merit attention.


NV Bisol * Prosecco Brut Jeio
90pts JS
$13.50btl or $145.80cs

Bisol’s NV Prosecco Jeio reveals notable freshness, vibrancy and crispness in its green apples, flowers and sweet spices. There is terrific energy and harmony here; clean mineral notes inform the inviting, crisp finish. This is what Prosecco is all about. Splendid.!


2015 Bisol * Prosecco Crede
92pts JS
$22.50btl or $243.00cs

Bisol’s Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Crede from Bisol is a beautifully focused, vibrant Prosecco laced with ripe pears, citrus and flowers. Though a touch on the minerally side, the Crede is a reminder of just how delicious single vineyard Prosecco can be.


2015 Bisol * Cartizze- VERY LIMITED
93pts JS
$210.00 per six pack($35btl)

The Prosecco di Valdebiaddene Superiore Cartizze, a Cru vineyard, is made in a slightly off-dry style that gives the wine more textural richness and of course greater sweetness than the other wines in the range. There is plenty of depth in the glass with notes of creamy pineapple, orange rind, and honeyed citrus offered in a lush, ripe style. Medium-bodied and pure, with a long, nicely-textured, frothy finish.