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Meo Camuzet

I am very happy to offer the wines of Domaine Meo Camuzet. With allocations dwindling because of increased world wide demand, getting the top wines is becoming more difficult. AND…we have these wines at the LOWEST PRICE ON THE NET.

Producer note:
Jean-Nicolas Méo describes 2015 as “a very fine vintage that is perhaps the best since 2005 and possibly even 1999. We enjoyed a relatively easy growing season that was both dry and hot and thus there was very little disease pressure except for a fairly serious early season attack of oidium. As is the case with almost every vintage, I always agonize over when to begin the harvest but in 2015 I chose to start on the 3rd of September for the pinot and because the fruit was so clean and the conditions clement, we could pick each parcel when it was ready. As it turned out, which was completely by luck, we terminated the harvest on the 11th and on the 12th there was a huge storm so it’s hard to time it any better than that! Potential alcohols were very good as they averaged about 13.5% so nothing was chaptalized. Moreover the wines have good post-malo pHs that were in the 3.35 to 3.65 range. Yields were disparate but by level they were 30 to 40 hl/ha for the villages wines, 30 to 35 for the 1ers and 25 to 30 for the grands crus. As to the wines, I would describe them as a hypothetical blend of 2005 and 2009 with a rough proportion being two-thirds of the former combined with one-third of the latter. I really like the sense of verve as well as the relative terroir transparency, in fact the 2015s don’t really drink like most warm vintages do.” 2015 is an excellent vintage for Méo and virtually everything is worthy of your attention.


Méo-Camuzet is one of the most celebrated domaines of the Côte d’Or, located in the heart of prestigious Vosne-Romanée. The domaine boasts fourteen hectares of land in some of the most spectacular appellations and
crus of Burgundy. The vineyard land in Burgundy is highly parceled out among families, which makes it rare for anyone to have enough vines to be able to bottle one grand cru, let alone the four that the Méos have.
Founder Étienne Camuzet was not only a passionate vigneron, but a full-time politician, and spent most of his time in Paris, representing the Côte d’Or. In order to keep his land in use, he offered it to capable share-croppers to farm. By the time his daughter had inherited the estate, she found herself with no successors, so the estate was passed down to her closest relative, Jean Méo. Jean was also deeply involved in national politics-he served as a member of Charles DeGaulle’s cabinet. Consequently, he, too, had to direct the domaine from afar. In the early 1980s, as many of the métayeurs were starting to retire, it became clear that the domaine needed a new direction. Jean’s son, Jean-Nicolas had also spent most of his life in Paris. By 1985, it was his turn to take the helm. In lieu of continuing to rent out their highly-pedigreed vineyards, he made the bold decision to slowly start reclaiming the land for the domaine’s own bottlings. He called upon the resident expert, one of Burgundy’s greatest winemakers of all time, Henri Jayer, for guidance. Henri had spent over forty years farming parcels from Méo-Camuzet under his own label, while enjoying celebrity status in the Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant portfolio. For three years, he mentored Jean-Nicolas during the transition and finally decided to retire in 1988. Though Jayer passed away in 2006, his legacy endures to this day.

6btls*2015 Echezeaux Grand Cru Meo Camuzet
$458.99btl/$2753.94 per case of six
(Burg Hound 93-95) “Don’t Miss!”

An ultra-spicy and markedly ripe nose reveals aromas of sandalwood, Asian-style tea, plum liqueur and a floral top note. The cool, focused and intense medium-bodied flavors possess a slightly finer mouth feel though there is no lack of power, muscle or punch on the more obviously mineral-driven, balanced and even longer finish. This very well may be the best Méo Ech in years.

2btls*2015 Vosne Romanee Les Chaumes 1 er Cru Meo Camuzet
(Burg Hound 90-93) “OUTSTANDING”

A discreet and ultra-fresh nose combines notes of various dark berries, violet, lavender, spice and sandalwood nuances. Once again there is a suave mouth feel to the rich, generous and seductively textured medium-bodied flavors that possess notably better depth on the lingering finale. This has the potential to be outstanding, indeed more so than I am used to seeing from this consistently good but rarely great terroir. Note that this should drink reasonably well early on if desired.

*3btls 2015 Chambolle Musigny Les Cras 1er Cru Meo Camuzet Frere et Soeurs
(Burg Hound 89-91)

By contrast there is a lovely sense of vibrancy to the saline-inflected, rich and suave middle weight flavors that tighten up on the firm but balanced finish. This is not especially complex at present but my projected range implicitly assumes that more depth will develop if the wine is allowed a few years of cellar time first.

*2015 Fixin Meo Camuzet Frere et Soeurs
54.99btl/$659.88 per case
(Burg Hound 88-90)

Ripe and fresh aromas are comprised by notes of plum, newly turned earth and a touch of the sauvage. Once again there is a sleek and relatively refined mouth feel to the delicious and lightly mineral-inflected medium weight flavors that firm up quickly on the balanced if slightly rustic finale. Good quality here. (1/2017)

*2015 Marsannay Rouge Meo Camuzet Frere et Soerurs
$45.99btl/$551.88 per case
(Burg Hound 87-90)

Like the Bourgogne the middle weight flavors are cool, pure and vibrant and they also possess a relatively refined mouth feel, all wrapped in a clean, dry and focused finale. This would also make a good choice for an upper level house red.

*2015 Bourgogne Rouge Meo Camuzet Frere et Soeurs
$35.99btl/$431.88 per case
(Burg Hound 86-89) OUTSTANDING

A super fresh and bright nose features notes of various red berries and a whisper of earth that is picked up by the attractively textured and vibrant flavors that possess an unusually refined mouth feel relative to what is typical for the genre. I like the complexity and there is enough structure