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NEW No Swill Zone- $5 Prosecco – MUST BUY

Prosecco is becoming the most popular sparkling wine in the world, and the Prosecco region in Italy is having a hard time keeping up with demand.  However, there’s no shortage here at WPW.

Morassutti has been making Prosecco for over 3 generations and now we are happy to offer this superb wine at a
ridiculous $5.99btl or $5.00 when purchased as a solid case!

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Mark Twain once said, "No swill for me; I'm not a cow, I will not eat it--loathe it now; I can't! I won't! I shan't, I vow!"

Mark Twain once said, “No swill for me; I’m not a cow, I will not eat it–loathe it now; I can’t! I won’t! I shan’t, I vow!”



NV Morassutti * Prosecco Extra Dry
$5.99btl or $60.00cs

A terrific, inexpensive sparkler, this dry, light-bodied, fresh, crisp offering reveals well-defined bubbles as well as surprising persistence with attractive aromatics and a pretty core of sweet, perfumed fruit; white flowers, almonds, and honeyed grapefruit.